Still 9ers

After another loss in Seattle .. I’m feeling a lil bitter and mad … Not that we lost, but a few things bothered me.. First, how dare the fans throw shit at bowman when he was being carted off… That’s downright criminal… Talk about class… a bunch of punks that wouldn’t dare Say anything face to face… That was cowardly but the media is blowing seattle so hard that it doesn’t matter… It was a bigger deal when kaep took cam newtons celebration… I could go on forever about this but fuck Seattle .. Bottom line.. And Sherman! That punk is soft as doctors cotton… He’s like the lil ratchet girl that talks shit because she’s pretty… he’s a great corner, but it’s a difference between swag/confidence and being a loud mouthed punk.. I was hoping someone would do him like Trent Williams did him last year… when you’re good you don’t have to talk, if u do, let it be on the field … Like I said, he reminds me of a chick, because only girls talk that much … Sometimes u have to stfu and just play… But there’s another girl that he will face eventually and her name is karma, and she’s a bigger bitch than u Sherman ,,, at the end of the day i still bleed gold and the niners played a good game… I’m done